CanWest Clothing Recycling Inc. is a recycling company operating in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Unwanted/used clothing produces huge amounts of textile waste, and it isn’t getting better. Each year about 900,000 tons of unwanted clothes are dumped ind landfills which contributes to global warming.

Therefore, the primary objective for CanWest was to find better ways to reuse and repurpose existing clothes while reducing waste. That’s how the idea of cash for clothing was born. Efforts to reduce textile waste isn’t the cure-all for global warming, but it’s still a step in the right direction.

There’s almost never any need to throw away used/unwanted clothing. That is why we encourage the community but also no-profit organizations to have a hand in protecting the environment and supporting sustainable development in impoverished places around the world.

How it works?

As an environmentally friendly company, we continue to encourage our community to recycle their unwanted clothing. Not only can the community help in doing good for the planet and the poor, but also receive cash back for their help, it’s a win-win.
CanWest is dedicated to striving for change in turning used clothing away from landfills and giving the clothing a “second life” in developing countries.

What we take?